Effective marketing of products in a supermarket

Not only there are so many physical place options to buy what we want today, but there are also so many online shops which we can visit, search and sort goods by price and so many other indicators, buy by paying online which will then be delivered to your doorstep. The competition is quite high these days and to stay abreast of it, you also have to adopt some innovative marketing methods when you run a physical supermarket.

Planning the task

First you need to decide what sort of an action plan you will design for this. You have to make a proper one; start by talking to the suppliers and getting their help because if you are to give a discount suppliers also have to agree to do some price cuts. With the help and agreement you can then start promoting certain products in certain days or weeks of the month. For example, if it is the rainy season you can start promoting umbrellas, raincoats, hats and similar gear. Don’t just offer a price cut or a discount; you can make the existing customers bring more customers by offering something like “bring a friend to buy a certain type of a product and you will get more benefits” etc. One more popular method of promoting is buy one get one free or you can go on to say buy two, three or more. It will depend on the wholesale price you pay.


Communicating the promotions is important. Most of the time some shops have so many offers but people do not know that they exist before they lapse. Customers fail to take advantage of it. Either you can try doing a small social media campaign or have a standee pull up banner within the premises to communicate the offers to customers. Make sure to place it at a place where all the customers can see. Use an artwork people will be attracted to, without much difficulty. Spreading the word through existing customers or opinion leaders and opinion formers of the society who are your customers, can bring more results than any printing or even online campaign.

Get help

In one hand, the internet is your enemy because there are online shops and people go to them rather than come to your physical place. However it is also a platform where a lot of resources are present. You can always use the internet to see how to successfully promote the products in your supermarket. There are lessons, videos, tutorials, templates, artworks and so much more which you can download and use for free. Take care to include both English and local languages as you do not want to limit the customer base in anyway.

Without complaining about the low sales, you can start an innovative campaign like this to increase sales and profits.

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