Tips To Help You Create a Winning Brand Identity

When setting up a business, there are multiple components that one needs to tend to. Aside from capital for investment, employees and an office space to work in, effective branding is of course key. However, for most this is easier said than done, primarily because they have not bothered to really dive into the topic of brand management as much as they should have. Which is why this article will help steer you towards a winning brand identity, right from conception to design and more. The visual aspects of your brand are just as important as anything else, so be sure you put in the effort there too.

If you’re looking to truly establish your brand identity, here’s a step-by-step tutorial on how to create your own, custom brand board.

Put Down Your Thoughts

While you will obviously need to present your designer with a brief before they get to work, you cannot do so if you yourself have no idea of what is needed. So to avoid this first put down your thoughts on paper. All of it. At least whatever is related to the brand and business that is! It does not have to be in any particular order or follow a logical sequence. You can sift through it all later. You just want to organise your thoughts, and figure out what works for your brand and what does not. So focus on your vision, and where you see the company at the end to help get you started.


Though yes you brand needs to be authentic and unique to be successful amongst other things, this does not mean you cannot look for inspiration with others. In fact, you should be thoroughly researched as many brands as possible so you can understand their history, their ethos, what they represent and of course their target market to name a few. This will help you connect their brand identity with who they are, allowing you to in turn make new connections with yours. If for example your product/ service is something that is particularly catered to Melbourne, then you would look at an appropriate brand strategy Melbourne.

Tie the Elements Together

The logo is naturally an important part of any brand and is a sort of identity so to speak. If you were to see the Nike logo somewhere, for instance, you would most likely recognise it instantly even if was not accompanied by the name itself. However, it is important to remember that branding is not just about the name. There are several smaller elements that work together to create the bigger picture, which is what you should be focusing on. If you allow yourself to be lost in the logo, you will miss out on everything else and be left wondering why your efforts were fruitless.

Create a Persona

One of the most effective ways of formulating a wholesome brand is to think of it as a person instead of just a brand. Flesh it out and give it characteristics. What sort of traits does your brand have? What sort of a personality is it? Is it fun-loving and millennial, or more serious? Whichever it is, think of it like writing a character in a book. Be as detailed as possible, and you will find that before long, your brand is very much a real thing, as opposed to identification only.

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